Musée Dapper Exhibition — L’Art de Manger: Rites et Traditions


Fang Reliquary Figure. Gabon. Musée Dapper, Paris. Photo Hughes Dubois.

The exhibition L’Art de Manger: Rites et Traditions (The Art of Eating: Rites and Traditions) at the Musée Dapper opened 15 October, and will run through 12 July 2014. It is curated by Christiane Falgayrettes-Leveau and Anne van Cutsem-Vanderstraete.

The essential theme is that food, the foundation for any group’s survival and its members’ well-being, also allows man to relate to the beings of other cultures. These practices and the myriad objects associated with them are presented in the exhibition. Special utensils including dishes, bowls, cups, spoons, ladles, and other fascinating implements from important cultural practices as marriages, births, initiations, and funerary rites are displayed.

Alain-Michel Boyer of the Université de Nantes, known for his expertise on the Baule, Yaure and Wan of Côte d’Ivoire and his many books on the arts of sub-Saharan Africa, is co-author of the accompanying 350 page book L’Art de Manger: Rites et Traditions en Afrique Insulinde et Oceanie from Éditions Dapper, which will not be released until 30 October.

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