The Poro Studies Association is a scholarly, interdisciplinary  forum for the study and dissemination of all things pertaining to the Poro men’s secret society and related sodalities among the ethnic groups inhabiting the Guinea Coast of West Africa. Our interests cross political boundaries, languages, and disciplines, and include art and material culture, customs and rituals, history, religion, ethnography, anthropology, archaeology, scientific analyses, ethnobiology and ethnomedicine, and more.

Our moderated forum welcomes contributions, queries, and comments from all members. The periodically issued Newsletter contains brief communications, conference and meeting information, exhibition dates, and updates to our Poro bibliography.

The e-publication Secrecy: Journal of Poro Studies is available to subscribed members.

One of our ongoing projects is the compilation of a Poro Bibliography through the sharing of information from private and publicly held libraries. Members are encouraged to contribute.